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3 June 2021
sam cane main
The Chiefs always found time for fun to help haul themselves out of the doldrums.

Campbell Burnes caught up with the All Blacks captain as he recovers from double surgery (pages 54-56):

The headline for this story could apply equally to Sam Cane’s six-month rehab after pec and shoulder surgery and the story of how the Chiefs overcame 11 straight defeats to reach the final of Super Rugby Aotearoa last month.

Cane went under the knife in April to repair a torn pectoral (chest) muscle, but found there were other issues to sort. One of his shoulders was “buggered” and also needed to go under the knife.
“It makes sense why I tore my pec, because my shoulder was so loose,” says the 29-year-old, from a campervan somewhere in the South Island, where he was holidaying with his wife. Harriet.

Cane quips that he had four surgeries in one, which sounds serious but doesn’t affect his projected timeline for a playing return, likely to be October. So potentially there could be an outing or two for the Bay of Plenty Steamers before he flies to Europe with the All Blacks.

Cane is not going to heap too much pressure on himself to make it back by a certain date…

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