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Law change trials for upcoming 2016 Mitre 10 Cup


There will be two referees

New Points System

Penalty Try 8 points

Try 6 points

Drop Goal 2 points

Penalty Kick 2 points

Conversion 2 points

Law 15: The Tackle

The tackler must release the ball carrier then rejoin the tackle behind the midpoint to play the ball.

The first arriving defender many play the ball, as long as they are on their feet, and before the breakdown being formed. If they cannot get the ball of the ground before the first attacker (on his feet) arrives, they must release the ball.

Law 16: The Breakdown (Previously Ruck)

A breakdown is formed when an attacking player is over the ball on their feet.

At this point, an offside line is in place.

The breakdown offside line for defenders (not part of the ruck or half-back) is the hindmost foot plus one metre.

Players joining the breakdown must do from behind the offside line (back foot plus one metre) and join behind the midpoint of the breakdown. This includes the tackler who ends up off his feet who wishes to join the breakdown.

Players may not place their hands on the ground or a player on the ground to support their body weight at the breakdown.

Any player maybe in the half-back position and must remain behind the hindmost foot offside line

A player in the half-back position may lift the ball from the breakdown.

Once the ball emerges from the breakdown it has ended.

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