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Are You Blind Ref?


With the SANZAR changes to the role of the TMO, gone is their ability to check and advise on the forward pass (leading to a try). While this is an attempt to speed up the review process and reduce stoppages, canny coaches (and players) are now using that to their advantage.

In a near-mirroring of Rugby League play-the-ball passes, were seeing an increasing number of very short ‘hand-off’ passes (to a support player who often has overrun the ball carrier) that are clearly forward - especially when seen from the high up vantage point of the stands and couch. What is more concerning is the lack of comment or concern shown by referees, commentators, players and coaches when a pass is handed on and is forward.

Has there been a memo saying that passes of two metres, or less, can be in any direction? 

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